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Fundamentals of Research Methodology | "Policy Analysis" শীর্ষক প্রশিক্ষণ কোর্সের ১ম ব্যাচে (সামগ্রিকভাবে ২০তম ব্যাচ) কর্মকর্তা মনোনয়ন বিজ্ঞপ্তি. | Job opportunity for different post - 2024
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MPA in Human Resource Management

People in this post-millennium generation believe in automation, belief in switch but still, there is a need of managing human resources whatever the type and size of the organization. Exploring the competency of human isn’t a thing that can only be earned through theoretical knowledge rather require cognition from real-life character and the MPA program of BIGM, Dhaka is run by the expert who holds a practically experienced position. Apart from this, the strategy of turning humans into resources is transforming in the touch of the fourth industrial revolution within mint technical tools and thus the program works on creating an ambiance of learning which is evolving with the requirement of the seesaw.

The Masters in Human Resource Management at BIGM, Dhaka is offered to help students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to pursue effective careers in the human resource field. The program prepares individuals to assume specialist, generalist and managerial positions in HR departments in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. After gaining a fundamental grounding in the social sciences and a comprehensive management education through core and elective courses, students would acquire a functional HRM education that would allow them to compete in the HRM job market.

Masters in Human Resource Management is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and related capabilities of public, private, and NGO/CSO officials to confront the complexities of human resources development in an increased globalize environment. In addition to preparatory and core subjects, the program offers a range of elective courses so that students can pursue their studies in accordance with their academic interests and career objectives. The preparatory course section consists of four courses and those are the fundamental courses required in any professional degree where the participants are mastered in formal business communication, the effective and efficient management functions, and economics in a real sceneries as well as elemental research process. Consisting of eight core courses, the program provides the professional essence of elementary HRM, behavior and development criteria in organization, strategy and leadership needed to cope within the industry, personnel development and training scheme, conflict and negotiating with behalves, ethical institutions, and finally overall HRM sketch. Mentioning HRM as a contemporary approach the elective courses takes measures to make the participant rational regarding worldwide HRM practice and challenge, legal circumstances, corporate governance, as well as an information system in HRM.

A student is required to take 45 credit hours comprising 14 courses of 3 credit hours each and a term paper of 3 credit hours. Those who wish to take Dissertation is required to take 12 courses of 3 credit hours each, dissertation carry up 9 credits.


Updated at 12-Jun-2022