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INVITATION FOR TENDER (IFT No-10/2023-2024) | Training on Research Methodology (Batch 4 & 5) | Training on Machine Learning with Python
News Update

BIGM Policy Lab

Bangladesh from its inception came a long way than anticipated by many world leaders. This economic tiger of south Asia has still a long way to go and the challenges ahead are much more complicated and diversified in nature than those behind. These new challenges of evolving nature are impediments to our developments and their solution must be provided by dynamic policymaking and good governance for which a policy lab is of utmost importance.

BIGM houses a policy lab which is a research-oriented organization that aims to provide data-driven research for facing the policy and governance crisis that presents itself in challenging times. It has research personnel from the diversified field whose synergy can solve the burning policy and governance issues not only domestically but also globally. The lab is equipped with modern tools and technologies at its disposal for impactful and dynamic work in the field of public administration. The lab works in unison with the government to yield the highest outcome. Such an institution will bring an upwind shift in the image of our country on the geopolitical stage of the world.

Updated at 29-Jun-2022