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Call for Papers BIGM Journal of Policy Analysis | ''INVITATION FOR TENDER'' (IFT No-04/2023-2024) | ''INVITATION FOR TENDER'' (IFT No-03/2023-2024) | Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management (BIGM) কর্তৃক আয়োজিত ‘Strategic Management’ প্রশিক্ষণ কোর্সের ৪র্থ ব্যাচে কর্মকর্তা মনোনয়নের বিজ্ঞপ্তি। | Live Webinar Title: Are attractive government jobs distorting the labor market? Evidence from Bangladesh | ''INVITATION FOR TENDER'' (IFT No-02/2023-2024) | ''INVITATION FOR TENDER'' IFT No-01/2023-2024 | From the 2023–2024 session, BIGM will start offering MPA sessions in Project Management, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, and Public Private Financial Management | Employment Opportunity
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Academic Research

Academic Research is non-commercial, academic research conducted by an institution with the ultimate aim of developing a more in-depth knowledge of a specific field or subject in collaboration with its academic entities.

BIGM believes academic research is conducted to investigate the facets of a field or theme with the eventual goal of gaining a deeper understanding through a comprehensive process. BIGM aims to carry out its academic research in three different forms:

  • Exploratory academic research with the aim of identifying new problems.
  • Constructive academic research to develop solutions or answers to current problems.
  • Empirical academic research to study the feasibility of a specific solution and how long it remains relevant.

Under the three Masters in Public Affairs programs BIGM, academic research is steered in three different subjects.

  1. Governance and public policy.
  2. Human resource management.
  3. International economic relations.
Updated at 20-Aug-2022