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"Policy Analysis" শীর্ষক প্রশিক্ষণ কোর্সের ১ম ব্যাচে (সামগ্রিকভাবে ২০তম ব্যাচ) কর্মকর্তা মনোনয়ন বিজ্ঞপ্তি. | Job opportunity for different post - 2024
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MPA in Governance and Public Policy


Governance refers to the methods for directing, controlling, and holding organizations accountable. It encompasses an organization's exercise of authority, responsibility, leadership, direction, and control. Governance is crucial because it allows for the application of strong governance ideas and practices across the entire organization. Public policy is an important component of governing and politics because it helps to shape a society's standards and ideals. It's a crucial and effective approach to get your opinion heard because public policy is developed as a collaborative effort by governments, institutions, and even average citizens. 

The main objective of this Governance and Public Policies Course is to empower public sector professionals with—

  • Complete knowledge and information of the process, principles, practices and challenges of modern public policy analysis and implementation.
  • The adequate skill and knowledge to play an important part in policy analysis, formulation and implementation in the organization.
  • The experience and preparedness to handle any challenges or obstructions to the entire policy process.
  • A broader perspective to look beyond and think of situations, problems and their long-term solutions.
  • The advantage of creating policies that suit employees and also resolve challenges well, thus ensuring maximum adherence by employees.
  • An advantage of creating a conducive and disciplined work culture, with all employees respecting the policies and guidelines set out by the organization.
  • The ability to permanently resolve a problem that would have otherwise negatively impacted the growth of the organization.
  • The ability to critically examine the structure and functions of the organization and make a positive difference.

A student must earn 45 credit hours by taking 14 three-credit-hour courses and writing a three-credit-hour term paper. Those who want to pursue a Thesis must take 12 three-credit-hour courses, with the thesis accounting for 9 credits.


Updated at 28-Jun-2022