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Call for Papers: BIGM Journal of Policy Analysis
News Update

Op-ed of BIGM

Recent Op-ed

Op-eds Published in 2022

Sl Title Newspaper Link
1 Global economy to bear brunt of Sino-Taiwan crisis The Daily Observer
11 Aug, 2022
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2 Our preparedness against impact of Russia-Ukraine war The New Nation
04 Aug, 2022
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3 Sucker-mouth catfish: A recipe for disaster The Daily Observer
31 Jul, 2022
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4 LDC graduation: What lies ahead for the pharmaceutical sector of Bangladesh? The Business Standard
29 Jul, 2022
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5 Russia-Ukraine War and Bangladesh’s Way Forward through Agricultural Reform Daily Sun
22 Jul, 2022
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6 Global energy consumption: How Bangladesh should move forward? The New Nation
20 Jul, 2022
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7 Transition to renewable energy for Bangladesh The Financial Express
17 Jul, 2022
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8 Combined Efforts Needed for Ethically Integrated Nation Building Daily Sun
05 Jul, 2022
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9 The Universal Pension Scheme is a laudable initiative. But is it feasible? The Business Standard
02 Jul, 2022
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10 Social Safety Net Coverage Crucial to Bring Back Dropout Students Daily Sun
30 Jun, 2022
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11 আপৎকালীন ব্যবস্থা হিসেবে অন্তর্ভুক্তিমূলক উন্নয়ন কৌশলই হোক সর্বোচ্চ অগ্রাধিকার প্রথম আলো
27 Jun, 2022
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12 Population and Housing Census 2022: The Data We Need for Development Daily Sun
19 Jun, 2022
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Op-eds Published in 2021

Sl Title Newspaper Link
1 Maladies of climate-driven displacement and informal Sector The Financial Express
19 Dec, 2021
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2 Female education in improving healthcare indicators of Bangladesh: an econometric evidence The Financial Express
03 Dec, 2021
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3 Why energy poverty needs to be understood from a gender perspective The Business Standard
05 Jul, 2021
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4 স্বাস্থ্য খাত ব্যবস্থাপনায় আস্থা থাকুক দৈনিক সমকাল
08 May, 2021
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5 Economic Growth In Context Of Energy Consumption The New Nation
25 Apr, 2021
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Op-eds Published in 2020

Sl Title Newspaper Link
1 Urban solid waste management: A paradigm shift towards circular economy The Financial Express
20 Dec, 2020
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