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Call for Papers BIGM Journal of Policy Analysis | ''INVITATION FOR TENDER'' (IFT No-04/2023-2024) | ''INVITATION FOR TENDER'' (IFT No-03/2023-2024) | Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management (BIGM) কর্তৃক আয়োজিত ‘Strategic Management’ প্রশিক্ষণ কোর্সের ৪র্থ ব্যাচে কর্মকর্তা মনোনয়নের বিজ্ঞপ্তি। | Live Webinar Title: Are attractive government jobs distorting the labor market? Evidence from Bangladesh | ''INVITATION FOR TENDER'' (IFT No-02/2023-2024) | ''INVITATION FOR TENDER'' IFT No-01/2023-2024 | From the 2023–2024 session, BIGM will start offering MPA sessions in Project Management, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, and Public Private Financial Management | Employment Opportunity
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Procurement and Supply Chain Management

The study of Procurement and Supply Chain Management is important as it is a key function of any organization whether it is public or private. In an era of globalization, management in purchasing and supply is gaining momentum both in private as well as in public sector. Moreover, with growing focus and dispute on governance issues, the job of purchasing and supply needs capacity building in acquiring and implementing international standard in procurement practices. Remembering the context BIGM designed a post graduate (MPA) programme in Procurement and Supply Chain Management.


The main purpose of the Masters (MPA) Programme in “Procurement and Supply Chain Management” is sensitizing and building up the competence of officials of public sector, NGO as well as officials and executives from the private sector on procurement and Supply Management issues. This programme is expected to increase their understanding of procurement issues and sharpen their decision- making abilities. The programme is aimed to provide advanced knowledge and understanding of international as well as local procurement issues experienced by officials/executives to come to appropriate decisions.


The “MPA in Procurement and Supply Chain Management” is planned for public sector officials, NGO officials and executives from the private sector practicing or interested on the issues relating to procurement.


The courses will be taught by the Institute faculty members and adjunct faculty from other academic institution, and specialist in purchasing and Supply Chain Management.


Programme Objectives   


Objectives of the MPA in Procurement and Supply Chain Management programme are:

  • MPA in Procurement and Supply Chain Management  is offered to help students to acquire update knowledge and skills required to persue effectivbe careers in Procurement in public, private and non-profit organisation.
  • Enhance the institutional Procurement and Supply Chain Management  Knowledge in public, private aaaand non-profit sector. 
  • Increase the leadrship capabilities and management knowledge of trhe students so that they can take strategical as well as tactical issues of any organisation through increasing efficiency and efficacy of any organisation.
Updated at 03-Sep-2023