Institute With Difference

BIGM is a public-private specialized institute   under the Ministry of Public Administration of the Government of Bangladesh seeking  to imbue the public and private sector functionaries with appropriate 21st   century  leadership and managerial skills of global standard so that they may be on the frontline of developmental aspirations and goals of Bangladesh. BIGM provides opportunities for higher studies with subsidized tuition fees. Currently the 11th and 12th batches of the master’s programs are continuing. Students of these two batches are pursuing their Masters of  Public Affairs in (I) Governance and Public Policy (GPP), (II) International Economic Relations (IER) and (III) Human Resource Management (HRM). The Institute plans to expand its academic programs by introducing masters degree in three new areas viz.,(i) Masters in Project Management, (ii) Masters in Public and Private Financial Management and (iii )Masters in Procurement and Supply Chain Management .As a matter of fact the Institute aims at meeting the felt needs of higher studies of those civil servants and private sector executives, including those of the third sector entities (NGOs), who do not get a chance for higher studies abroad but have sound academic background and potentials to learn and improve. Joining the BIGM Masters program is not just about getting a degree. It is a soul searching  process that combines scientific research with a challenging human experience. The whole process is designed not only to improve the degree of efficiency in the delivery of services and the quality of governance in general but also to uplift confidence and bring about attitudinal changes in course participants.