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Effects of fiscal policy and governance on economic growth

The issue concerning the effect of fiscal policy on growth is quite old. However, recently the extent to which fiscal policy affect growth has attracted both theoretical and empirical debate esp .... Read More


Solid waste management for smart and sustainable cities

The 92-page election manifesto of the country's ruling party ahead of the parliamentary election last year had the prime slogan "My village - My town". It was the first time in the histo .... Read More

How bumper rice production can bring smile to the face of farmers

Bangladesh is the fourth-largest rice producer in the world. Rice is not only our staple food but also a part of our culture. Agriculture is the foundation of our economy. Bangladesh hit a new high of .... Read More

'Festival inflation' during Ramadan

It is common that during the festive seasons, prices of daily commodities, from onion to beef, cosmetics and accessories, clothing items etc rise exceptionally taking these out of the reach of lower-m .... Read More

Public health expenditure

FROM the very beginning of our childhood, we all have heard the proverb ‘health is wealth’. We have learnt that good health is the key to success. Nothing is important in life than good he .... Read More


Determining commodity price, forex rate_ Market versus intervention

The price of any commodity depends on the interaction between its demand and supply. In a market economy all decisions regarding quantity of commodity, money, investment, production, consumption and d .... Read More

GDP growth: Role of human capital-augmented labour and agri productivity

Bangladesh is a large deltaic country where agriculture remains a very important sector of its economy. Currently the share of agriculture in gross domestic product (GDP) is only 13 per cent whereas i .... Read More


For the young minds

What is mental health? According to the draft Mental Health Act 2016, it is the “state of mind when an individual can realise his/her own potential; can cope with typical societal pressure and m .... Read More


On declining export growth On declining export growth   Md. Monirul Islam When Bangladesh emerged as an independent country, it was a relatively closed economy with the trade limi .... Read More


Current floods and co-riparian cooperation

Bangladesh has been subjected to varying degrees of flooding since time immemorial. The people have been living here for generations by cultivating rice and other crops by adjusting with monsoon rainf .... Read More


Salinity intrusion - threat to water safety

Click the bu On July 31, 2017, ministers, senior government officials, businesses, representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and development partners gathered at the Fourth Consultat .... Read More


Need for unbiased, critical policy formulators

The post-World War II period witnessed the emergence of a technocratic approach to deal with the policy problems, that the war ravaged world faced mostly in the economic domain, to wage a quick come b .... Read More