HRM -Welcome to Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management


Preparatory Courses (3 CREDIT HOUR EACH) (REQUIRED)

  • HRM P401: English for Business Communication
  • HRM P402: Fundamentals of Management
  • HRM P403: Fundamentals of Economics
  • HRM P404: Research Methodology

HRM Core Courses (3 credit hours each)

  • HRM C501: Human Resource Management
  • HRM C502: Organizational Behavior and Development
  • HRM C 503: Strategic Management
  • HRM C504: Strategic Human Resource Management
  • HRM C 505: Employee Training and Development
  • HRM C506: Leadership, Conflict Management and Negotiation
  • HRM C507: Business Eithics and Anti-corruption Measures
  • HRM C 508; Srategic Human Resource Planning

Elective Courses (3 Credit hours each)

  • HRM E501: Human Resources Management Information Systems
  • HRM E502: Employment and Labor Laws in Bangladesh
  • HRM E503: Corporate Governance
  • HRM E504: Globalization and Management Challenges.
  • HRM E505: International Human Resourse Management
  • HRM E 506: Employment Relation and Compensation Management