Educational Excellance

The courses here are designed to cope with the emerging political and economic challenges faced by the officials of both public and private sectors and relevant to their service and work situation at home and abroad so that they can effectively deal with both national and international issues they confront. It goes without saying that  business is gradually becoming more and more complicated and rules based in this era of globalization. Hence the courses are designed to prepare all kinds of executives to use the tools of analysis and strategic management to help them successfully implement public policies to enhance their respective organizational  capacity by developing professionalism and corporate culture. The courses offer a blend of theory and practice and emphasize experimental and professional learning. Initially, the duration of the Master’s programs was one year but  in 2007 it was decided to extend the period to 18 months to bring it up to the international standards and to allow sufficient time to the students to write thesis or research paper.Thus BIGM with its experimental and professional learning environment is providing opportunities for excellent post-graduate education and research.